Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt חפש את המטמון בירושלים

Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt חפש את המטמון בירושלים

Tali Tarlow, the mother of the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt, picked me up from Binyanei Hauma. In the car was Amy, her neighbor from Gush Etzyon whom she had never met before. Like me, Amy also answered the open call for bloggers to come, experience and blog about the Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt. little by little the event started unfolding when we met Jeremy, an amazing tour guide that dotted our day with anecdotes, quotes from poems and highlights of local distant history. Needless to say – between Tali who came from South Africa, Amy from the states and Jeremy from Liverpool (“i’m a beatle…”)  – the day was conducted in English…

So, 12 bloggers showed up that sunny morning to rave the Jewish quarter. We were divided to groups of 4 – each group was handed a kit containing instructions, maps, notebooks, guide lines – and off we went in separate routes. Each spot we were lead to had a text assigned to it – giving us an insight on this spot. Then we were challenged with questions for the brain to chew on, and finished with a riddle that results in a number or letter for this station. Eventually these answers were assembled to a greater meaning, but I will not spoil it online.

We were a bunch of grown-ups, and we ran across the city like kids – being engaged in the activity that Tali weaved for us, absorbing the spots that she chose for us and the text she assigned to them. It was a fun day, a fun activity, a great company and in general – a morning well spent. 2 hours in total, that I would definitely recommend to others – families, groups, companies. I got the impression that this activity can be costume tailored to different kinds and sizes of  crowds – Tali will get it right for you. Thank you Tali – you came up with a great idea and you implement it sweetly! First thing I told Tali that day was that getting me out of Tel Aviv is an amazing achievement, let alone to Jerusalem, let alone to be active. I am glad I did that – not only I had a good time, I also met a smart and creative women.

Visit Jerusalem Scavenger Hunt‘s website, as it is a great activity for tourists as well as Israelis.

For more pictures visit Fly on the Wall’s facebook album.

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  1. Tali says:

    Amit, it was a pleasure to meet you too! Thanks for the wonderful post, and I hope we can work together some time in the not too distant future!

  2. Amit, Tali is certainly a smart and creative woman for coming up with such a fun and engaging activity – we ALL loved it! But you are a smart and incredibly creative guy to provide us with such beautiful photographic memories from the day, Your work is incredible!!!

  3. Miriam Drori says:

    What wonderful photos! It was lovely to meet you and all the others.

  4. Myriam says:

    Amit – it was a wonderful day, wasn’t it? Tali is an amazing educator in the best sense. Your portraits, however, are amazing. Just as Tali’s scavenger hunt through Jerusalem was also meant to be an exploration of ourselves, your portraits seem to penetrate far beneath each person’s exterior and each photograph has an entire story to tell. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

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