Category : private videos הפקות וידאו לצרכים אישיים

showreel שואוריל

A tiny showreel to demonstrates Fly on the Wall‘s work in around 30 seconds. סרטון שנועד לתת טעימה קצרה מהעבודה של זבוב על הקיר.

online presence נוכחות ברשת

A unique idea for your online business card – one that is more than just a list of what you did and want. This video was actually made with a voice over of Elad, who is the focus of the video, but was replaced with music for privacy reasons… רעיון מקורי לכרטיב ביקור און-ליין – […]

surprise wedding clip קליפ חתונה בהפתעה

A cute video that this beautiful couple made as a surprise for their wedding guests.

וידאו חמוד שהכינו הזוג כהפתעה לאורחים המוזמנים לחתונה שלהם.

road 431 כביש

road 431 כביש

The Perez family – Eran, Merav and Gitit – decided to throw their father a very unique 60th birthday event: a surprise journey to all his life’s stations, accompanied by people from all periods of his life, visiting the apartments he grew up in, clubs he used to hang-out in, schools he used to attend, […]

The Good Jew היהודי הטוב

The Good Jew היהודי הטוב

For his Bar-Mitzva, Tal and his parents decided to produce a cool video that shows the invited guests what are his hobbies, but with a twist. The video ended up as a silent Charlie Chaplin styled video, a comedy mocking Tal’s devotion to his religion, but with a positive twist at the end. Tal Shtemer is […]

a bachelor’s night מסיבת רווקים

Celebrating Shushu’s bachelor night. חגיגות מסיבת הרווקים של שושו.

wedding surprise clip – Elad & Einat קליפ הפתעה לחתונה אלעד ועינת

For Elad and Einat’s wedding their group of friends gathered and tried to come up with the best “wedding surprise” they could. One of them suggested to imitate a commercial from TV (which is always a promising lead) and once the concept was set – all they had to do was to find a song, re-write the […]